Wine Flights

The Nose Knows

Sauvignon Blanc / Vinho Verde / White Pinot Noir / Orange


Dusk To Dawn

Chardonnay / White Pinot Noir / GSM / French Merlot



Rosé / Vinho Verde / French Malbec / Sangiovese


Bartender’s Choice OR Choose Your Own Adventure!

STEMS *local and sustainable
We are pleased to offer our new menu selection prepared by a local woman-owned caterer Stems.

Meat & Cheese Box

Manchego, cheddar, honey whipped ricota, salami, fruit, nuts, edible flowers, cornichons & green olives


Cheese Plate Box

Manchego, cheddar, honey whipped ricotta, goat cheese balls, fruit, nuts, edible flowers, cornichons & green olives


Bruschetta with Crostini

Mildly flavored with kimchi seasonings


Small Bites

Rosemary Herbed Mixed Nuts


Parmesan-Black Garlic Truffle Popcorn


Kimchi Cheddar Popcorn


Marinated Olives


Warm Brie & Baguette with Honey


White Wine

Sauvignon Blanc

Clos Roussely, France



Valravn, Sonoma, CA


White Pinot Noir

Coelho Winery, Amity, OR


Vinho Verde

“Vidigal” Cortes, Portugal



Abbondanza, Abruzzo, Italy


Red Wine


Paolini, Valle de Guadalupe, Mexico


Grenache Shiraz Mataro

“Junto”, Bondar Wines, Australia



“Nucôt” Domaine de Dauliac, France


Pinot Noir

Valravn, Sonoma, CA



“Cavale” Bordeaux, France


Cabernet Sauvignon

Delta, CA


Rosé & More

Sparkling Wine

Sofia Blanc de Blancs, Monterey County, CA



Cotes de Provence, Domaine Turrene


Orange / Skin Contact




Draft French Pilsner

Brams Brewing, Monrovia, CA 5%


Draft Dubbel Trappist Style Belgian Ale

Brams Brewing, Monrovia, CA 7.9%



M. Special, Goleta, CA 7.2%


Marzen (Amber Lager)

Dust Bowl Brewing Co., Monterey, CA 5.5%


Blonde Ale

Paperback Brewing Company 5.1%


American Red Ale

Paperback Brewing Company 5.3%


Hard Cider

“Tropical Voyage”, Stormalong

Pineapple and Guava – crisp & refreshing 5.8%


“Apple Cider” Unfiltered

100% Freshly pressed apples 4.5%


Literary Cocktails

Of Martini and Men

A pear sake spin on a classic martini


The 1894

Pear sake shaken with agave and lime with a splash of sparkling wine


La Bodega Mojito

Rum soju shaken on ice with house lime-ade, grenadine, pomegranate seeds, & muddle mint



Pomegranate Lime-Ade

House lime-ade, grenadine, pomegranate float over ice


Other Beverages

Topo Chico Mineral Water


Mexican Coke (the best!)


Brams Non-Alcoholic Pilsner


Happy Hour
(Wed.-Fri. 3pm – 5pm)

Glass of Chardonnay or Malbec


Draft French Pilsner


Mixed Nuts


Happy Hour Special Flight (3 Tastes)

Vinho Verde, Chardonnay, Merlot

(no substitutions) $15.00